plobb! 1.2.1

Escape from the castle by spitting at your enemies


  • Fun, easy game
  • Lots of power ups


  • Bubbles take a long time to be "killed"

Not bad

Plobb is a colorful, nice game with an original style in the design of characters. You're represented by a simple head, and your enemies are... bubbles.

The aim of the game is to escape from a castle where you've been kept prisoner by those evil bubbles (how can you take a bubble-shaped enemy seriously?), though you won't see any castle at all, as the game's background is just a squared color pattern. While running away from the castle, you'll need to get rid of enemies by spitting at them (yes, you didn't misread it, I said spitting).

As simple as it seems, Plobb will certainly challenge your agility and speed in controlling the mouse. Every time you spit, I mean, shoot an enemy it'll become smaller and eventually split into several creatures, until you can finally wipe it out. Some bubbles will give you power ups when disappearing from the screen, which is good because sometimes it takes ages to finish them.

In all, Plobb! is a casual fun game, perfect for a short break. It features an original design and lots of extras, but enemies are sometimes too hard to get rid of.

Plobb is a good-tempered creature who's held prisoner in a colorful castle by a group of bubble-like evil monsters. As Plobb himself, your goal in the game is to escape from the castle by spitting at those monsters, but beware of them because they'll split up in more creatures, just like Gremlins!

Yes, every time you spit at a monster, it will split into more, smaller creatures which you must avoid at all costs if you don't want to lose a life.

Plobb! is a simple, colorful game with lots of power ups. It's definitely not the game of the year, but will keep you amused for a while.



plobb! 1.2.1

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